Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale

The Parents


Purebred Yellow Labrador Retriever
Weight:70 lbs
OFA Certified: Excellent

Kacey is a wonderful farm dog who loves to run around. She is gentle with the kids, cats, and even the chickens. Kacey loves to play but also is protective and will bark whenever someone comes onto the property to let us know we have a visitor. She is a natural pointer, which most likely comes from her great pedigree! She comes from great hunting dogs, even a champion! But the most she has hunted is chicken eggs around the farm!


Purebred Yellow Labrador Retriever

Weight: 75 lbs

Registration: AKC

OFA Certified: Excellent

Gemma is a step-sister to Kacey so she has champion hunting on her father’s side as well!!

Gemma is very friendly and loves to jump!  She has a great personality and loves being around people! She is a great addition to our Labrador family

Purebred Yellow Labrador Retriever
Weight: 80+ lbs
Registration: AKC
OFA Certification: Good
EIC Gene: Clear

Max is owned by Jeremy’s parents. He is always interested in playing around.  He loves people, and is constantly waging that big tail of his in anticipation of playtime.  Max weighed about 75 pounds at a year and a half old, so he will be an average-sized male. He has been tested for the EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) gene which is a newly diagnosed disorder found in some labs. Max was found to be clear of the gene which means that any of his litters will not have EIC.


Purebred Golden Retriever

Weight: 70 lbs

Registration: AKC

OFA Certification: Fair

Buddy belongs to Jeremy’s parents and is a happy dog- always wagging his tail!  He has a dark red coat and is very playful! We have recently included him so we can have Goldador puppies!


Purebred Yellow Labrador Retriever

Weight: 80 lbs

Registration: AKC

Mitchell belongs to Jeremy’s parents and is the new stud for the Labrador and Goldador puppies! He has a beautiful white coat and is full of energy!


Purebred Golden Retreiver

Weight: 65 lbs

Registration: AKC

Kirby belongs to my parents and is the newest Golden Retriever stud for our Goldador puppies! He is a happy and very friendly dog and makes a great addition to our family!