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June 13, 2024 We have a new litter of Goldadors with some males still available. We also have 2 Ivory Lab males and 1 male Golden Retriever ready for their homes! See our current puppies page for pictures!

September 2023: Our new kennel that the dogs and puppies call home! It is temperature controlled and they have a great place to exercise several times a day! Our kennels are top quality from TK Products LLC, and each dog even has their own Kuranda bed. They are indestructible and our dogs love them!

Use this link to order one and we can earn a commission!

July 2023, We are growing! We are in the process of taking over Schelhaas Family Puppies- owned by my parents! They have been raising dogs for over 25 years in Minnesota and are moving to South Dakota! We are building a new state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facility for all the dogs to call home! is another way to speak for a puppy!

We are West Falls Family Pups, run by us, Jeremy and Rebekah. Kacey is one of our first family pets and is amazing!  She is very smart and has a great nose! Our new male is Mitchell who also belongs to Jeremy’s parents! He is a yellow lab with a very white coat! He loves people and has lots of energy! He is also very muscular and has a nice blocky head. We have also expanded to include Kacey’s stepsister Gemma She is very friendly just like Kacey and loves to be around people! We love the lighter yellow/white lab but we are also raising Goldadors with Buddy or Kirby as the father. They are beautiful Golden Retrievers also owned by Jeremy’s parents. Maggie is our new Golden Retriever female that has joined the family! We now can have Golden Retriever puppies!

We are located just three miles west of Sioux Falls, SD. Contact us with questions, 605-214-4414 or jeremyschelhaas(at)!

Mitchell White Labrador
Kirby Golden Retriever

Maggie- Golden Retriever